Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation Tournaments

Each season, we hold several tournaments.  Our clubs compete in a State Championship that pits any of our club anglers against one another to vie for 13 Team spots.  We also hold a Classic Team Championship Series that allows angler teams to compete against each other for a Angler of the Year Team.  New this year is the High School State Championship, it will have High School teams from all around the state competing for a position to go on to a National level.  Then we have th Junior Bassmaster State Championship.

  State Championships
This is our premier championship tournament.  Anglers compete for a prestigious title of State Champion.  Anglers  vie for a position on the State Team.  That team goes on to a Northern Divisional which puts all of the Teams in the BASS Northern Division against each other for a prize Boat.  They are also fishing for a notional title position which is a spot in the Bassmaster Classic
  Classic Team Championship Series
This series is brand new, sort of.  We have had a state level tournament series for many years, but this year we bumped it up several levels.  Now anglers are competing for a spot in the Bassmaster Classic.  Teams also compete for prize money at each tournament.
  High School State Championship
This is our first year for this one.  BASS and Michigan BASS Recently created a new High School Division.  This include 9th through 12th grade high school students, who can form clubs at the schools.  The start by competing at the state level in two angler teams.  Then the winning team moves on to fish with the Michigan BASS State Team at the BASS Northern Divisional.  Their team weights actually count towards the Michigan Teams total weight towards the prize boat.  This year the High School Championship will be a two day tournament.
  Junior Bassmaster State Championship
The Junior Bassmaster State  Championship is designed to allow Clubs that are part of the Adult clubs around the state to compete for State level awards and trophies.This tournament is also a team event, with two angler teams.