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2013 Junior State Championship
The Junior State Championship was held June 30th at Lake St Clair out of Lake St Clair Metro Park.  CLICK HERE for more details... 
2012 Junior State Championship,

2013 State Championship
July 25-28  Escanaba Michigan

Our 2013 State Championship was held July 25-28 in Escanaba , Mi.   This was a very special event for our Mi B.A.S.S. NATION. As this was our 40th annual State Championship.
The 88 anglers who entered the event enjoyed our best event ever.
The Banquet and pairing meeting took place at Terrance Inn banquet hall. Everything was perfect, great meal and lots of prizes won that night. The only problem was the rain storm that came in the next morning hours after the launch and again during our weigh in show.  But thanks to people from Escanaba we had a food tent there with hot food.
The second day went much better and we even had the sun come out for a while. The comments we have received back from our members are that they loved the fishing and the City.  Many plan on coming back in the future.
We are happy to announce our new 13 angler 2014  Northern Divisional team who will be fishing next year in Indiana.
The results are attached to this e-mail.
For those of you who could not attend this year's event , you missed out on a very special 40th year
tournament. We hope you can join us for next years Championship.

Day 1 Results
Day 1 Big Fish
Day 2 Results
Day 2 Big Fish
Overall Results
Team Report

Veterans Tournament Results for the 2013 Event
The tournament was a big success, again this year.  We had more anglers than ever before. Everyone had a great time

Tournament Results
Big Fish Report

August 3-10, 2013
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA
Hosted by the Dwarf Athletic Association of America

The largest sporting event in history exclusively for athletes with dwarfism

Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation helped run the 2013 event in Lansing by providing our Tournament trailer and equipment.  Everyone had a great day on the water.  The Tournament was on Tuesday August 6th on Lansing Lake.  Please go to their web site for more information about the event as well as the other events held during the World Dwarf Games

Michigan b.a.s.s. NATION Receives Boat U.S. Foundation Grant to Promote Safe and Clean Boating
Group Gains Highly Competitive Grant Funding


Calhoun County Bass Club Holds Three Event for Their Local Kids...
The kids around Calhoun County were treated to several fishing events this past saeson.  Calhoun County Bass Club Stepped up and put on events throughout the year. 
Lake Nepessing Bass Club Supports School Outdoor Club and Scouts.
Lake Nepessing Bass Club proudly works to promote and encourage children to get outside and enjoy the art of fishing. 

Twice a year the Lake Nepessing Bass Club donates their time, boats and experience to help Davison Middle School students learn the art of fishing.


   Glacier Lakes Bass Club
lds Their 2nd Annual Charity Open
2012 Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation Casting Kids Championship Report
It was a great Sunday morning for the Casting Kid’s State championship at Bass Pro Shops in Auburn Hills, Michigan. We started the day with a qualifier contest just before the championship.   As the kids started to show up and register, you could see their excitement start to build as we got the ready to start their official practice time.
Tom Kiefer reports back about the Nationals...
It was an honor to represent the state of Michigan and the Michigan Bass Federation.  The state has many outstanding fisherman and I feel fortunate to have been able to advance to the nationals.  The BASS Federation Alliance with Mercury, Triton, Lowrance, Motor Guide, Yamaha, and Skeeter, treated all the contenders like royalty.  I was very humbled by the experience.  The other contenders  were not just outstanding fisherman but were great people who I will always remember.
The National Championship Tournament was well organized and completely professional.  We need to support our sponsors for this amazing week and event.  I want to thank the members of the Michigan BASSmasters from whom I learned many fishing techniques and strategies. Finally, thank you to the Michigan BASS Federation for their sponsorship which made this experience possible.
Tom Kiefer 

Our 2010 Adult Michigan  Northern Divisional State Team gets a 2nd place finish.
After a slow day one start put the Michigan team in 5th place,  the team, along with the help our two Junior Michigan Anglers Danny Sprague and Dalton Breckel, worked together to finish with a 2nd place trophy along with earning $ 3,500.00.
The last day of the event found our anglers with an off limits in place due to the high winds that started their day of fishing. Big Bay De Doc was made off limits, leaving only Little Bay open to them to fish.  Most of anglers were originally fishing the Big Bay, one who did not fish Big Bay was Gerald Woodard, from Detroit Bass Club. That worked out for Gerald.
Congratulations to our NEW 2010 Michigan top angler GERALD WOODARD of the Detroit BASS Club.  With an overall 6th place finish Gerald brought in 13 of 15 fish with a total weight of 41-09 pounds.
Gerald will now be going on to represent our Michigan B.A.S.S. Federation Nation at the National Championship . The tournament will be on the Red River in Shreveport, La. at the end of October.
All of our members and his family will be able to watch all of his weigh-ins live on the ESPN live streaming video each day. You just need to have your FREE BASS INSIDER account  in place.
If Gerald becomes the top angler from the other 8 anglers in his Northern Division, he would then be in the next BASSMASTERS WORLD CLASSIC in February.
I know we all wish him the very best of luck and know that he will make us all proud at the National and hopefully at the CLASSIC !

2007 Michigan Bass Junior State Championship Report
CLICK HERE to see the results and more pictures.

Michigan Bass Chapter Federation angler Don Fowler led on the opening day of the B.A.S.S. Federation Northern Divisional at Lake Erie and never looked back.
Check out the full story...

Federal order rescinds virus issue for tournaments
BASS action good news for anglers
By staff report - May 4, 2007
Click Here for the complete story...

To All State BASS Federation Nation Leaders,
In a message dated 5/23/2007 6:30:25 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

It sure is great to be back home!  I am very excited about my return as your BASS Federation Nation Director and will be contacting you soon with some ideas that we need to discuss.  BASS and ESPN remain committed to the BASS Federation Nation Program and together we have the ability to strengthen and grow the BFN to a position more powerful than at any other time in our history.  We have a clean slate; if there is something we don't like about our programs, we have the opportunity to make the changes necessary to support our desires.  I have always believed in the concept of "big ears" - listen to what the members want and then give it to them.  Right now we can do just that - so let's look at our programs from the roots up and discuss what can be done to make them better.  Obviously budgets are a consideration, but even budget constraints can be overcome.

I appreciate the thoughtful emails that I received from many of you after the announcement of my return!  My decision to leave when BASS relocated to Celebration was a tough decision, but it was a decision that I had to make.  Fortunately, I had an opportunity to return to a position I love so dearly.  You have come a long way since January 2006 and I am looking forward to working with all of you again to further those efforts.  Together we can continue to improve and to mold the BASS Federation Nation into the best grass-roots fishing organization in the world.


2007 Northern Divisional (Ohio)    Expect that the total payout will be around $30-35k or roughly half of the $65k that was awarded in Minnesota. Remember, that this years $65k payout was based on 2005 membership numbers. If B.A.S.S. based next years event on this years membership numbers it would be even lower. They are looking to pay part of the payout in product, boat/motor were mentioned.

Bass Club World Championship (BCWC)    States will be allowed to field their six 6-person (36 total people) teams how they want. Some states have incorporated this qualification with other events. Michigan is located in Region 4, which includes, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ontario. Our Divisional event will be in August 7-10 on Sandusky Bat in Sandusky Ohio. State that can field more than 6 teams will be allowed to do so based on states who can’t field 6 teams. The intention of B.A.S.S. is to have a full field of teams at the divisional event in order to make the payout work. CLICK HERE  for an update...

Clubs    B.A.S.S. is going to start a web based roster management system November 1. With that, they are asking (at a minimum) that all club presidents and secretary’s get access to BASS Insider by mid October. This is free with your Federation membership, and that will be the portal to reach the roster section. The club president and secretary will have administration access to their club database. They will be able to see when individual members membership expires, update addresses, etc. At the Federation level, the president and secretary will have access to each clubs roster. This is the first phase of the program. Later they are expecting to bring in a secure site to pay membership dues and to manage the youth clubs.

Junior Bassmaster Dues    For 2007, the dues for the Junior Bassmasters will increase from $5 to $10. This $5 increase will be the first increase in 23 years and will be effective January 1, 2007. With the increase they will get 2 copies of Junior Bassmasters magazine. You will see the dues advertised at $15 for the Junior Bassmasters, but this is only for the general people joining. When associated with the Federation, the price will be $10.

2007 Northern Divisional, August 12-17, 2007     Next year Ohio is the host for the divisional tournament. The dates for the event will be August 12-17, 2007 out of Vermillion, Ohio. It is unclear as to what waters will be open for the competition during the event Wisconsin is host in 2008 and Michigan in 2009.

Winterize or Meltdown

The most destructive force on your outboard motor is not high-speed operation. It is inactivity during seasonal storage. Stow your motor for weeks or months and humidity and temperature changes cause moisture to build up on its external and internal surfaces like frost on a window. When it dries, it leaves behind a coating of rust and a pattern of pits in the metal surfaces that costs power and eventually ends the life of
your outboard.

At the same time, fuel in the engine is exposed to air, water and temperature changes
and the resulting effects can leave a residue of varnish coating and clog fuel injectors, carburetors, rails and fuel lines.

Sure, many of today's outboards are aluminum and not as susceptible to corrosion as steel, but aluminum is not completely immune. When corrosion forms, it can flake off. Start up the engine after a period of inactivity can cause damage and where do all these oxidized particles go? Through the engine, grinding away at rings, bearings and crankshafts. Bits of it adhere to cylinder walls and the piston action grinds it in, eroding the rings, enlarging the cylinders and causing -at best, loss of compression and power.

At worst? Possible engine damage.

The steps to avoid this damage are simple, and you can do it in less than an hour-either at the launch ramp on your last trip or in the driveway before you back the rig into the garage.

Protecting Your Fuel System

Always keep a fuel stabilizer in your fuel system to prevent fuel from breaking down into varnish. If you haven't added this yet, get Pennzoil Marine® Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer from any dealer or retailer. Pour it into your fuel tank, trailer the boat around the block a time or two to mix it and then run the engine so the treated fuel circulates throughout the system.

Not only will Pennzoil Marine Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer stabilize the fuel, but it also contains components that will help clean fuel injectors, reduce deposits and dewater fuel, should condensation in your tank occur. It’s cheap insurance to help provide for a long engine life.

Protecting Your Power head

Fogging the engine is the next step, and it is as easy as the first one. Pennzoil makes an excellent protective engine fog called Pennzoil Marine® Fogging Oil .Using it takes only moments.

Remove the engine cowl and then remove the air intake cover. Put "earmuffs" with a water supply on the lower unit water intake and start the engine. With it running at a fast idle, spray the contents of the can into the engine until it dies from the excess fluids or until the fogging compound is gone. The fog will coat the inside of your engine and remain there as a protective barrier until the next time you run your motor.

Protecting Your Gear case

Now is a great time to change the lower gear case lube. Doing so helps remove any water in the lube and helps eliminate the chance of it freezing, expanding and damaging the gear case or its seals. Remove the top and bottom fill screws on the lower unit and drain the grease into a container for recycling. If the oil is milky or if water is present, now is the time to have your service technician change your gear case seals.

Replace your lube with Pennzoil Marine® Lower Unit Gear Lube. Inject it into the bottom hole and continue squeezing it in until it oozes out of the top hole. Place
a thumb over the top hole to create a vacuum so the oil won't drain, screw the plug in the bottom hole and then replace the top one. Many boaters have stowed their boat for the winter and skipped this simple procedure. Often, the engines start all right in the spring, but just because you can't see the damage doesn't mean it didn't occur. And most of the times, rough running engines and fuel flow problems can be the result.

Why risk it when these simple steps can help ward off problems?

For more information about Pennzoil Marine products visit

NEW DNR Regulations on Permitted Tournaments:
Note there are now only 40 sites in the state that will require permits with fee’s

For tournaments at sites requiring permits, some of the prior regulations have been modified to reflect changes in our procedures. For purposes of this being a transition year, we ask that all directors submit applications (no $50 application fee) for all site requests to the appropriate State Park or Field Office (not Lansing Office). Contact information for all Boating Access Sites can be found at A copy of the application can be found on the DNR website at,1607,7-153-30301_31154_35728---,00.html. Locations requiring a permit will be posted on the internet soon. If you have any questions, you may contact Jason Fleming at (517) 241-2054 or

1. Beginning in 2007, when a group requests a tournament for a site we are no longer requiring permits for, staff will mark the name of the group and location on a calendar and consider it a “hold” on the site. Before each month, a list of those tournaments being held will be posted at each location for the upcoming month. Holding the site is a benefit for the groups and should not be mistaken for an approved permit. Until there is a centralized, electronic site to reserve sites, tournament organizers should work together with our staff for to avoid overlap of tournaments.

2. No tournaments to be held during holiday periods. Holiday periods include: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and the “busy” dates adjoining them. (May be adjusted by Unit Supervisor if a tournament at a site is not considered )

3. Tournaments shall not start between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

4. The number of registered tournament participant vehicles can not exceed 80% of the parking capacity for a particular site. Any adjustment to this must be approved by the Unit Supervisor.

5. No more than one tournament permitted for a site per day. Exception: For Boating Access Sites that meet the following criteria, multiple permits may be issued.
a. The boating access site parking capacity exceeds 100 parking spaces.
b. Adequate "green space" is available for each tournament. Greenspace is defined as a location that does not interfere with normal site activity. For closed tournaments a minimum of 20 feet by 20 feet is required. For open tournaments a minimum of 60 feet by 60 feet is required.

6. No Use Permits will be issued on Boating Access Sites for hours beyond the site closure time except within non day-use areas in parks and recreation areas. (Any modification to this must be approved by District Supervisor)

7. Permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

8. No guaranteed parking availability.

9. All requests for permits will be in writing.

10. Cancelled permit dates will be open on a first come, first serve basis after any cancellation.

11. For each calendar year, permit applications will be accepted starting the first business day in January. Mail-in and email applications received before the first business day in January will be returned. (for 2008, the date will be changed from January to November)

12. First business day in January procedure: All hand-delivered applications will be taken in order and held until after all mail-in applications and email applications have been filled, with the mail-in applications taking precedent over email. Then hand-delivered and email applications will be filled in the order they were received. (for 2008, the date from January to November)

13. No more than 6 permits may be issued on a particular site for a specific tournament group (may be waived by unit manager if site has more then 100 parking spaces) up until 60 days prior to a particular date. Any requests within 60 days of the start date shall be granted on a first come, first served basis unless there are further restrictions of the number of tournaments being held at a particular site.

14. Upon request, approved tournaments must allow Department of Natural Resources, Fisheries Biologists inspections of fish taken during the tournament for research purposes.

15. Tournament Use Permit fees are $25 for closed tournaments. All open tournaments are a minimum of $100 weekends, $50 weekdays. Tournaments with over 30 vessels are subject to open tournament fees.

16. Any local restrictions beyond the standard regulations, such as number of permits granted at a site, must be posted on the bulletin board at the site and a copy provided to Division Office.

List of Permitted Locations: (Motor Vehicle Permits required at sites in Bold)

County Body of Water Number Admin. Phone # E-mail
Allegan Baseline 03-012 Allegan (269) 673-4747
Barry Jordan 08-002 Ionia (616) 527-3750
Barry Thornapple 08-013 Allegan (269) 673-4747
Berrien Paw Paw West 11-001 Allegan (269) 673-4747
Branch George 12-008 Jackson/Waterloo (734) 475-8378
Branch Union 12-013 Jackson/Waterloo (734) 475-8378
Calhoun Duck 13-005 Jackson/Waterloo (734) 475-8378
Calhoun Goguac 13-002 Allegan (269) 673-4747
Cass Corey 14-004 Warren Dunes (269) 426-4013
Cass Diamond 14-006 Warren Dunes (269) 426-4013
Cass Fish 14-001 Warren Dunes (269) 426-4013
Cass Paradise 14-005 Warren Dunes (269) 426-4013
Gladwin Wixom 26-008 Clare (989) 386-4067
Ionia Morrison 34-001 Ionia (616) 527-3750
Jackson Michigan Center 38-001 Jackson/Waterloo (734) 475-8378
Kalamazoo Austin 39-014 Allegan (269) 673-4747
Kalamazoo Barton 39-001 Warren Dunes (269) 426-4013
Kalamazoo Eagle 39-006 Warren Dunes (269) 426-4013
Kalamazoo Long (Portage) 39-003 Allegan (269) 673-4747
Kalamazoo Sugar Loaf 39-011 Warren Dunes (269) 426-4013
Livingston Chemung 47-001 Island Lake (810) 229-7067
Livingston Whitmore 47-004 Island Lake (810) 229-7067
Livingston Woodland 47-003 Island Lake (810) 229-7067
Macomb CRCO 50-006 Mount Clemens (586) 465-2160
Macomb Harley Ensign 50-001 Mount Clemens (586) 465-2160
Macomb Selfridge 50-003 Mount Clemens (586) 465-2160
Mecosta Chippewa 54-003 Clare (989) 386-4069
Mecosta Mecosta 54-001 Clare (989) 386-4068
Monroe Bolles Harbor 58-010 Sterling (734) 289-2720
Monroe Sterling St. Park 58-008 Sterling (734) 289-2720
St. Joseph Klinger 75-002 Warren Dunes (269) 426-4013
St. Joseph Long 75-010 Warren Dunes (269) 426-4013
St. Joseph Palmer 75-008 Warren Dunes (269) 426-4013
St. Joseph Pleasant 75-001 Warren Dunes (269) 426-4013
St. Joseph Portage 75-017 Warren Dunes (269) 426-4013
Van Buren Bankson 80-026 Warren Dunes (269) 426-4013
Van Buren Lake of the Woods 80-017 Warren Dunes (269) 426-4013
Van Buren Saddle 80-004 Allegan (269) 673-4747
Washtenaw Half Moon 81-002 Pinckney RA (734) 475-8307
Washtenaw Portage 81-020 Pinckney RA (734) 475-8307