2006 - 2007 Presidents Meetings Minutes

October 2006    December 2006    February 2007     April 2007

October 29, 2006

Held at Bass Pro Shops Auburn Hills, MI

Called to order 1:01 p.m.

Observed a moment of silence in memory of Vice President Dave Dienes who passed away this summer.

Roll Call: 22 clubs present

Reviewed April’s Presidents’ Meeting minutes. Motion to accept minutes by Mike Kujawski, 2nd by Jerry Overton. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Doug Hedberg

State Championship: Paul Sacks

Scott Moody of Bass Pro Shops discussed several new items at the store.

Classic Series Report: Mike O’Rourke

Lou Borer Scholarship Fund: Paul Sacks

Shimano offers a scholarship. BASS Conservation Scholarship. Information on our Fed. web site. This has 6 $2000 undergraduate scholarships and 1 $5000 graduate scholarship for natural resources management.

Newsletter: Paul Wagner

Membership: Paul Wagner

Raffle Ticket: Doug Hedberg

Youth Activities: Doug Hedberg

Bass Club World Championship:

  • 6 teams consisting of 6 members can fish. CORRECTION NEW DATE Aug 7-10,2007 New location Sandusky Bay – Sandusky , Ohio.
  • Entry fee for the regional is $1500. No national entry fee if you advance. The national tournament is October 8 - 13. Location TBA Teams should apply. We will draw teams.
  • Should more than 6 clubs form.
  • Northern Divisional:

    Elite Series:

    Our Federation is looking for a Conservation Director and a Newsletter Editor.

    Any interest in a parent - child tournament?


    Dues must be paid at the December meeting, $25 per member.

    Larry Leonardi won $75 in the 50/50 drawing.

    Motion to adjourn by Jerry Overton. Second by Mike Bandy. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m..


    Special board meeting called to order 2:50 p.m. to elect officers.

    Nominations were taken for President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

    The results are: Paul Sacks, President, Larry Gargus, Vice President, Barry Narrin. Secretary, and Jay Berwick, Treasurer.

    Pres. Sacks appointed the following to committees and directorships:

    Meeting adjourned at 3:40 PM

    Submitted by Jay Berwick


    December 3, 2006 at Bass Pro Shops

    Called to order at 1:15 PM

    A presentation of new products sold by Bass Pro Shops was given by Scott Moody.

    Roll Call – Present: 26 of 43 clubs

    Reviewed Octobers Presidents Meeting minutes

    Motion to accept minutes by Mike Kujawski and second by Tom Boland Motion Passed

    Treasurers’ Report: Jay Berwick

    Classic Series Report: Mike O’Rourke

    State Championship: Paul Wagner

    Web Site: Paul Wagner

    Newsletter: Paul Wagner

    Youth State Championship: Barry Narrin

    Boat Auction: Ray Schmitt

    Conservation: ? (Still in need of a conservation officer)

    Membership: Paul Sacks

    A motion to adjourn was made by Tom Boland and second by Bob Downing Motion Passed.

    Meeting Adjourned at 3:00 PM

    Submitted by Barry Narrin

    Mi.BASS Federation Board Secretary

    Presidents’ Meeting

    February 03, 2007 Held at Bass Pro Shops

    Called to order at 1:06PM

    Roll Call – Present: 19 of 43 clubs

    Reviewed Octobers Presidents Meeting minutes

    Motion to accept minutes by Larry Leonardi and second by Mike O’Rourke, Motion Passed

    Scott Lakey attended and gave us an update of his tournament at The Federation Championship in Alabama. He said that BASS treated each of them as if they were pros and this was the classic.

    Paul Sacks went over the new mission statement with the presidents and it was well received. Our mission statement will be posted on the web soon. Paul also informed the presidents of the Skeeter contract and the Lowrance contract, he also went over the benefits that go with them. We have signed the contract with Minn Kota and have 12 motors for discounted sale to the first 12 to contact Paul Sacks. He informed the presidents that they needed to go to the Bass web to update their on-line rosters.

    Treasurers’ Report: Jay Berwick

    Classic Series Report: Mike O’Rourke

    State Championship: Paul Wagner

    Members Benefit Book: Paul Wagner

    VHS: Pres. Sacks

    Youth State Championship: Barry Narrin

    Boat Auction: Ray Schmitt

    Conservation: New director will be named soon

    Membership: Paul Sacks

    Pres. Sacks informed the clubs updates from the presidents meeting he attended at nationals. He told us that not only could he see how BASS is stepping up for us, but now knows how important we are to them.

    The President’s were informed by Larry Leonardi that the new by-laws will be ready around October. There was also a new by-law brought forward by Larry Leonardi that would waive the late fee for a club to come back for this year only. This will be voted on at the April presidents meeting.


    "We the members of the board of directors of the Michigan Bass Federation Nation propose that the by-law section iv DUES letter A be amended for the 2007 season only by deleting the last sentence which currently reads "if dues are not paid by the December presidents meeting there will be a five ($5.00) dollar late charge per each late existing member."

    This vote will be taken at Pres meeting at BPS on April 1, 2007

    Pres. Sacks asked the Presidents for nominations to fill Ron Guilfoil removed position until the October meeting, when the position would be nominated and voted on.

    No nomination came forward.

    A motion to adjourn was made by Larry Leonardi and second by Mike O’Rourke

    Motion Passed. Meeting Adjourned at 2:49 PM

    Minutes written by Barry Narrin, Federation Board Secretary

    Presidents’ Meeting April 01, 2007

    Called to order at 1:10PM

    Held at Bass Pro Shops Roll Call – Present: 34 of 40 clubs

    Reviewed February Presidents Meeting minutes

    Motion to accept minutes by Mike Mize and second by Rodger Craig - Motion Passed


    Dylan Mathis came in and talked about how he enjoyed his experience fishing the JWC and how that he got to fish with Aaron Martins. He told us that he finishes first for the northern division for his age group and for that he received a $2000 scholarship and a trophy. His father also said the BASS treated them and all of the contestants like they were the pros.

    Michael Lipinski informed the presidents of his trip for the divisional casting kids’ competition. He told of how fun and exciting it was for him and his family to be there and to meet Ray Scott. He also said how great it was to meet other contenders from around the country.

    Jason Flemming was there to inform the presidents of the new permit process and which lakes are required for a pay permit. It was also told the even if the booth at the launch is unattended that you are still required to have a parking permit. They are also setting up the permit process do enter in electronically and you will be able to enter them in November instead of waiting till January. You may now apply for a permit for free fishing weekend and holiday weekends, they will be look at from site to site. Also for one time large events you may still need to pull a permit even on lake that does not require one.

    Dave Landahl

    Dave came in to give the presidents the information about "take me fishing" program and "TheAnglers Legacy Pledge". This is a promise to take out fishing someone that has not been fishing before, so that this person may get involed into fishing and then pass it on like you did.


    Classic Series Report: Mike O’Rourke

    Mike told the presidents that the series is all set and is ready to run. Big Bass Pot will be an optional fee and 100% payback. Lots of prizes to be given out with a drawing for a $50 Bass Pro gift card on the second day. There will be a $100 to be given to the top club and a Minn Kota trolling motor for the AOY. Sponsors making donations of prizes: SolarBat glasses, Complete batteries, ThermaCELL,SnakDaddy.Red Dragon,Mike’s Rx,Combat Fishing and Bill McElroy.

    Clubs may use any of the tournaments as a club tournament. We can provide the results for

    individual clubs. Pres. Sacks introduced Little Bill of Little Bills trophies as our new weigh master

    State Championship: Paul Wagner

    The room at Gino’s has been reserved and the banquet is set, there will also be a picnic after the weigh-in Friday night. This year all club members are eligible to fish in the state championship. There are all new rules for the state championship, which you can find on the web site. We are asking all for help and for help finding a couple of pontoon boat for the release of the fish.

    If your club has volunteers, please contact Paul Wagner.

    Members Benefit Book: Paul Wagner

    Paul gave out to the presidents a CD of all the new changes and also the member’s benefits of being part of the Michigan Bass federation Nation, they were also given a lot of good federation information and downloads for most forms. ( Scholarship-rosters, address changes, etc.)

    VHS: Pres. Sacks updated us on the virus and the new Federal law about transporting LIVE fish from Canadian waters. He also told us that BASS is working on this and is hoping to have it resolved before our season starts.

    Youth State Championship: Barry Narrin

    We ask the presidents with youth clubs to try to get their roosters in ASAP. If any club has a youth project they can submit a youth form for some financial assistants, the board has approved fund to be delegated out for youth projects. New forms and guidelines are posted on the web site. The deadline date will now be May 30 each year. If you have any questions on any of these items please contact Barry Narrin. bnarrin@michiganbass.com. Dave Fogleman informed everyone that his club will be running the kids state championship and it will be July 1st on Kent Lake with more information to come later. There will be a $20 entry fee per child for the tournament. They are trying to have TV coverage. Our goal is to back this as a professional event as much as we can. Nation Youth Director Stacy Twiggs is due to attend. If wish to help with this Youth tournament let us know. If anyone is running a casting kids event just remember that it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get a kit.

    Boat Auction: Ray Schmitt

    The boat auction did not draw a single bid. So we are having Freeway broker it out for us at $16,000 and we should see a profit of $7,700 out of the sale. The board has voted to let any

    Club that finds a buyer for the boat for at least $16,500.00 will earn at least $500.00 as

    a finders fee. This can be a great fund raiser for a club.


    Mike Kujawski was announced as our new sponsorship coordinator. Paul Sacks informed us of some of our new sponsors and their products (Solar bat sunglasses, Thermacell) and of the three Skeeter dealers we have (Leaders Marine, Freeway, and Lakedrive).

    The new by-law was voted on by the presidents and passed unanimously.

    Paul Sacks told the presidents of the information of the BCWC and that we only have one club applying so far.

    The presidents were informed that we are looking into selling the current trailer and buying a smaller one

    The president had got together a put on a great April fools day joke on Pres. Sacks (the joke is attached.)

    A motion to adjourn was made by Mike Kujawski and second by Paul Wagner

    Motion Passed. Meeting Adjourned at 3:12 PM

    Minutes written by Barry Narrin - Federation Board Secretary